Shimla, the queen of hill stations, is resplendent . A the rains, mist and sunshine alternate, the hilly terrain, ever changing, ever evolving, reveals its myriad facets. Rejuvenate your sprits, bond with nature and watch the theater of element cast an evocative spell.


Nestled on the foothills of the Himalayas, Shimla is one of the most prominent hill stations in India. A travel to Shimla would take you to the land of snow clad hills and cascading waterfalls.

During the Raj era, the British officials found a favorite in Shimla. When the Indian summer grew oppressive, the Britishers used to take refuge in this Himalayan retreat at the heart of Himachal Pradesh to save themselves from the sweltering heat of the north India. It is with the British favor, the non-descript village grew up to be one of the most popular hill stations. The same old colonial legacy retains its charm to much extent.

The tradition continues till date. As the mercury soars, a huge number of people travel to Shimla. No matter whether you are a honeymooner or adventurer or a simple traveler who relay in the beauty of nature, this 'mother of all hill towns' has something to offer everyone.

Breathtaking beauty of the majestic Himalayas and the fragrance of the Pines would render a pleasant shock as you travel to Shimla. Old colonial style buildings perched on the rolling valleys offer a prefect visual delight.


At the heart of the Himalayas, Shimla is the queen of all hill stations. With a strong colonial flavor, it still feature among the most popular hill stations in India. Snow laden peaks, picturesque waterfalls, green-carpeted valleys and the grand colonial bungalows reminiscent of a glorious past - tourist attractions in Shimla lie in the breathtaking beauty of the majestic Himalayas.

Hotel Ashiana Regency outlines some important tourist attractions in Shimla:

The Mall: It is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Shimla. Dotted with colorful shops and swanky commercial plazas, this is the perfect place to hang out.

Summer Hill:
The quite and charming hamlet basks in the memory of Mahatma Gandhi. Tread along the shady walkways to get charming views of the region.

Chadwick Falls: Proceed a little further from the Summer Hill where the Chadwick Falls plunges down into a deep gorge.

Himachal State Museum:
The museum showcases a large collection of Pahari miniatures, stone sculpture, local handicrafts, textiles and embroidery.

Sankat Mochen:
From this Lord Hanuman Temple, you can get a panoramic view of the Shimla town.

Viceregal Lodge:
Magnificent English renaissance structure is with its spacious lawn and wooded groves is India's premier institute of higher studies.



The discerning shopper would find shopping in Shimla a pleasant experience. Like all hill stations in India, Shimla also has a rich and diverse forestland. One thing that must feature in your shopping cart in Shimla is the walking sticks. The ace craftsmen in Shimla make exquisite walking sticks out of the wood available in Shimla.

Other popular items for shopping in Shimla are woolen shawls and caps. Weavers in the Kullu-Manali region weave colorful caps on their looms, which are highly favorite with the tourists visiting this region.

In fact Shimla, to much extent specializes in woolen garments. Try to pick up Kinnauri mufflers, scarves, embroidered handkerchiefs, hand-knitted socks and gloves while shopping in Shimla.

You would also find lots of Tibetan handicrafts for shopping in Shimla, which make their way to Shimla from SHIMLA. Buddhist style curios, antiques, Feng-Shui elements are also available in abundance. You may also include carpets, rugs, leather craft and silver jewellery in your shopping list in Shimla.

The Mall is the best place foe shopping in Shimla. Numerous shopping joints literally dot the area. Alongside the government run emporia, several other private outlets offer great shopping in Shimla.

Shimla is the capital city of famous hill station Himachal Pradesh.
How to Reach Shimla by Rail, Road or by Air



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